Our client InTech Aerospace is looking for someone to work on the interior of airplanes.
Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 2:30pm or 3:30pm to 12:00am. Over time is available.
Responsibilities and Duties
Crew/Passenger Seat Refurbishment - Inspect, repair, overhaul, and modify entire range of aircraft seating to include crew seats and all classes of passenger seats as well as VIP seating.
Interior Components - Inspection, repair, overhaul, or modification of floor boards, sidewall panels, overhead bins, ceiling panels, bulkheads, windscreens, dado panels, cargo liners, and cargo nets.
Galleys - Test and inspection, cleaning, repair, and modification of galleys and galley components; including sinks, walls, and doors.
Plastics - Repair services for food trays assemblies, fabrication or operator-approved plastic components.

Qualifications: Valid identification documents. High school diploma or GED. Must be mechanically inclined.
Physical Requirements: Ability to lift 50lbs. Standing and bending for long periods of time. Must be able to work with and around solvents, paint, paint stripper, epoxy resins, metal and composite material. Such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber.

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