Springwoods Village serves as a model for integrating development into pre-existing ecosystem

By: J. Werner
| Published 04/18/2013


SPRING, Texas -- The Houston-Galveston Area Council selected Springwoods Village for its Planning Process Award. The project, developed by Coventry Development Corporation Houston, outlines a community designed to attract and retain a skilled and creative workforce, and provide residential options and amenities within close proximity. It serves as a model for integrating development into a preexising ecosystem.

Adjacent to ExxonMobil campus in Spring, Texas

The development of Springwoods Village continues as the city of Spring, Texas, eagerly awaits the arrival of ExxonMobil’s workforce from Fairfax, VA, Akron, OH, Irving, Tx, and throughout the Greater Houston area. Adjacent to the 385-acre ExxonMobil campus, Springwoods Village is located just thirty miles north of the downtown area of Houston, and a couple of miles south of The Woodlands. The new community is being called “a true live, work, and play environment” by Keith Simon, executive Vice President of CDC Houston, and the director of the development .

The first three homebuilders for Springwoods Village were Taylor Morrison building large, single-family luxury homes, Sullivan Brothers developing a mixed-lot residential community, and Martin Fein Interests building the development's first multi-family facility, “The Belvedere,” consisting of 342 high-end apartments averaging 950 square feet at $1,500 per month. The first residents will be living in Springwoods Village by fall or early winter. Other homebuilders and multifamily developers will eventually build in future residential sections of Springwoods Village.

The vision of CDC Houston was master planned by Design Workshop with sustainable design guidelines developed by Gensler, to balance the natural attributes of the land, to protect the existing ecosystem, and to provide a mix of uses. The four key environmental goals included:

1) Preserving as much of the existing pine forest as possible

2) Integrating and improving four drainage corridors

3) Enhancing wildlife areas

4) Linking regional open spaces and amenities

A creek flows through the land, whose 2,000 acres include three distinct ecosystems…forest, savannah, and wetlands that support a wide variety of bird, fish, and mammal species. Not only will the creek be maintained, but it will also be connected to multiple preserves along its course to create a contiguous, forested corridor for recreation and education. The creek and wetlands system will serve the community as part of a low-impact design for stormwater catchment and reuse. Runoff from the development will pass through biofiltration wetlands before flowing into storage ponds, which will be engineered to handle large storms. One of the additional goals of Developer, CDC Houston, is to make green transit by foot, bike, and public transportation, more feasible.

Phase One of its 20-acre Town Center has also been outlined, which will be filled with shops, hotels, office space and restaurants. Plans are also in the works to sign a major medical facility to provide for health care needs. One of ExxonMobil’s first corporate neighbors will be Houston-based Southwestern Energy Company, who will inhabit a 500,000-square-foot office building on 25 acres in Springwoods Village, to consolidate more than 1,000 Houston-area employees from several office buildings along the North Belt.

In total, the Springwoods Village $10 billion project will eventually include 8.5 million square feet of office space, 1.2 million square feet of retail space, more than 500 hotel rooms and 4,500 to 5,000 homes. Over the next 15 years, Springwoods is intended to support a population of 50,000 residents and workers in single- and multifamily homes, corporate campuses, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, libraries, churches, and community centers.

“We’re ecstatic about the future growth of Spring,” said Holly Musinger, President of the Spring-Klein. “All of this in just a couple of years of development.”

All ‘of this’ made possible because ExxonMobil selected Spring, Texas, for its global headquarters.