School nurses play a key role in student success

Published 05/09/2013


SPRING, Texas -- Across the nation, school nursing services have made a positive impact on school attendance and therefore student education. Each day, Klein ISD school nurses provide early access to health care and promote wellness and disease prevention when children’s cognitive development is at its peak. The Klein ISD recognizes the vital role that school nurses play in the educational success of students and salutes the district’s nursing staff on National School Nurses Day, Wednesday, May 08, 2013. Below are several nurses who represent the quality of care Klein ISD students receive on a daily basis.

Katina Hebert, RN- Kreinhop Elementary

Hebert earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas Medical Branch and began her career in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Houston. A clinical rotation in Community Health Nursing sparked her interest in school nursing. She joined the Klein ISD Health Services staff eight years ago, first at Klenk Elementary and then helped to open Kreinhop Elementary as its school nurse. Hebert serves as a health office software super user, taking responsibility for tech support and software training. She is known for stepping forward to help new nurses as they acclimate to the role by inviting them to spend a day with her as she cares for students in clinic or conducts screenings. The department can always rely on Hebert to provide her expert view of the elementary school nurse’s role. She loves working with children, their parents and the great staff in the Klein ISD.

Donna Streeter, RN- Schindewolf Intermediate

Streeter earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Northwestern State University in Louisiana and her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida. She worked for many years at Houston Northwest Medical Center as a supervisor for Maternal/Child Health services. She began subbing for Klein ISD as a school nurse in 1999, and was asked to open Schindewolf Intermediate 11 years ago. Streeter is respected as the health expert on her campus, serves as a health office software super user, and in that capacity has taken the responsibility of mastering the Letter and Care Plan Documentation systems within the software. Her knowledge and expertise has given health services the capability to move closer to a comprehensive electronic health record for the students in the district’s care. Streeter loves that this job brings laughter and joy to her work life. She feels she makes a difference every day in the lives of the children in her care and enjoys working with the Klein ISD community.

Ginger Jacob, RN- Klein High School

Jacob earned her Associates Degree in Nursing from Louisiana State University. She has worked in the Intensive Care/Cardiac Care Unit at Conroe Regional Medical Center, MD Anderson and Ben Taub Hospital and loves the excitement of acute care nursing. She started her career in Klein ISD at Kleb Intermediate eight years ago and moved to the Klein High clinic in the fall of 2011. She serves on the Klein ISD Health Services Professional Development Committee and in that capacity helps to guide professional development offerings for health services. The department relies on Jacob to lend her experience to decision making that affects the secondary campus clinics. She is an advocate for the students she works with and enjoys interacting with them and their families. She values her coworkers and is glad she has made her nursing home in the Klein ISD.

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