Message from Mont Co Pct 3 Constable's Office concerning traffic

By: Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable, Ryan Gable
| Published 08/30/2015


SPRING, Texas - In the wake of the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office receiving dozens of calls and social media comments, inquiring why this office is not handling the influx of traffic congestion along the Riley Fuzzel corridor, Constable Ryan Gable has released the following statement.

Riley Fuzzell corridor traffic congestion addressed during construction phase of Grand Parkway.

As Conroe ISD resumed classes this week, the south eastern section of my precinct has been in a state of gridlock of which has never been seen like this in our area. The ongoing construction of the Grand Parkway by Zachary Odebrecht has created such a tremendous amount of congestion that roadways are reduced to parking lots. Zachary Odebrecht is currently employing off duty police officers to maintain traffic conditions in this area. No personnel from my office is employed by Zachary Odebrecht to work off duty employment in this particular construction project.

With the start of the new school year, I have done the same as I have done for the past 2 years which is assigning all available units to monitor and ensure the safety of our youth in area school zones both before and after school. This along with the normal duties of running regular calls for service my office is staying busy as school gets underway.

I have personally spoken with the director of security for Zachary Odebrcht and he has assured me that the officers being employed by them will be put to use to alleviate as much traffic congestion as possible. My office will continue to monitor traffic conditions and take enforcement actions when violations are observed. Several citizens have inquired why we are not stopping people that do not live in particular neighborhoods from entering and utilizing them as a cut through. The fact is that these are public roads that all motorists have access to. As a resident of this area I personally have witnessed and sat through substantial traffic delays this week. I am working every day with the appropriate agencies responsible for the construction project, roadway conditions and traffic flow, to let them know immediately when I observe a traffic issue and to also keep them abreast of the complaints that I field daily as your elected Constable.

As I am aware of this being a public safety matter, I would ask that you feel confident that if an emergency occurs, we will do whatever it takes to get through traffic and assist you with your emergency needs. I am hopeful that as the new school year gets underway, traffic will eventually dissipate to a more manageable level and that the construction projects are completed in a timely manner allowing the citizens to move freely without delays.